This document describes access control on remote SMTP client information: sender or recipient addresses.

The acess table is specified as a text file that servers as a blacklist and whitelist for sender or recipient.

Table Format

The input format for access table is as follows:

  • pattern action

    When pattern matches a mail address, domain or localpart@, perform the corresponding action. The pattern string is case insensitive.

  • blank lines and comments

    Empty lines and whitespace-only lines are ignored, as are lines whose first charcter is a '#'.

Email Address Patterns

When lookup sender or recipient email addresses, patterns are tried in the order as listed bwlow:

  • user@domain

    Matches the specified mail address.

  • domain.tld

    Matches domain.tld as the domain part of an email address.

  • user@

    Matches all mail addresses with the specified user part.


  • OK

    Accept the address that matches the pattern.


    Reject the address that matches the pattern.


      smtpd_sender_restrictions = check_sender_access

   conf/sender_access:    OK           REJECT
      theboss@                OK     REJECT             REJECT

The example rejects access with sender domain except, and