Hedwig Mail Server - The Open Source IMAP/SMTP Server for Java

Hedwig is an open source IMAP, SMTP server written in Java, designed with ease of installation and configuration in mind. Hedwig enables storage of mail message headers in a relational database and mail messages in a file system. Currently MySQL and Oracle can be used as storage backend.


  • 100% pure Java capable of running on Java 1.6 onwards
  • Based on Java NIO framework (Netty)
  • A normal MTA (Currently Postfix) can be used for accepting messages. The MTA hands the messages using a pipe interface. LMTP (Local Mail Transport Protocol) support is in progress.
  • Multiple virtual domains
  • Built in SSL encryption
  • Pluggable Authentication Module(PAM) using JAAS
  • Automated Message File Compression
  • Authenticated SMTP (SMTP AUTH)
  • Message filtering using Sieve scripts
  • Web based administration console
  • Webmail client